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New at First Church of Christ
Mommy & Me Yoga

Enjoy a shared yoga practice as you teach your child presence through movement, breath, and the spirit of loving-kindness
 Benefits for the children
o Flexibility and focus
o Helps to develop problem resolution skills
o Body and spatial awareness
o The beginnings of mindfulness
o Better coping skills for stress and anxiety

 Benefits for the parents
o Reconnect with the idea of playful moments
o Letting go of perfection and fostering flexibility of mind and spirit
o More balance between the responsibilities of our adult lives and the joyful light of children
o Learn from children to respond with a sense of curiosity and adventure

 Mutual benefits
o Bonding time for parent and child
o It’s a great opportunity for parents to learn to take a deep relaxing breath in their child’s presence and pass that positive energy on to their child!

Tuesdays 9:30-10:15 am in Fellowship Hall
$100/10 classes or $14 walk-in
To register, sign up in class or contact
or Janice Sina 860-891-8237

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