The Reverend Laura P. Fitzpatrick-Nager, Pastor

April 12th, 2014

Dear Members and Friends of First Church,

Happy Easter to each of you!

     A few years ago, I found myself wandering through the streets of Old Jerusalem on Easter morning. We were carried on the jubilation of the celebratory crowds who greeted one another with the words, “Christ is Risen… Christ is Risen indeed!”

     Around another ancient stone walled bend, we met a fellow pilgrim who thrust a bouquet of wax candles in our hands and bid us to spread the light. Suddenly, we, too, were responsible for bearing the light and passing it on through out the Old City and beyond.

     Likewise, we at First Church are called through our many gifts to carry on the message of the gospel. In a world of too many barriers to peace, we can enact peace.In a world of hardship and hunger, we too can feed the hungry and raise our voices for justice–whether in praise, prayer or protest.

     With the joy of the gospel message in our hearts, we are all called to share the Good News of the Risen Christ. Even in a world of suffering, brokenness and oppression, the light of love spreads and rises with each act of courage and kindness. May we at First Church in East Haddam continue to bear witness to the Light and pass it on.

As you know, I began as Pastor of this historic and beautiful First Church on January 1st of this year. It has been a wonderful beginning and I am grateful for the shared ministry we have experienced together. With your support, energy and accompaniment, we can continue to grow in faith and with grace, indeed! Share with us this Holy Week or any week.

Joyfully Yours,

The Reverend Laura P. Fitzpatrick-Nager

First Church of Christ, Congregational in East Haddam